Fairfield County Ohio Visitors and Convention Bureau
Visitors Bureau 2nd floor of the Ohio Glass Museum Building, Lancaster, Ohio

shade covered bridge on misty valley farmSugar Grove and Berne Township is located in Ohio' Hill Country Heritage Area, which includes all the state's Appalachian region.

In the early 1800's families from France, Germany and Ireland moved into this picturesque valley at the confluence of the Hocking River and Rush Creek. It reminded them of the hills and valleys of their homelands in the Old World. Most were farmers, soem were craftsmen and a few were business people; all were anxious to succeed in this great land of opportunity.

Many descendants of those pioneer families still live here in Sugar Grove and they invite you to come and enjoy the piece and quite of this quaint little village, named for the grove of sugar maple trees which once flourished in the area.


The Sugar Grove Museum, located at Stoneburner's Grocery Store, displays works of village and Berne Township residents, such as, authors, artists, music composers, pictures and history of Sugar Grove and Berne Township and other items of interest. No admission fee.

The Sugar Grove OH original jail.

This unusual village jail, is the original building constructed in 1894. The constable at the time was having problems with lawbreakers in the village, due to work crews coming to the area, so the little old "Jug" was built to house the law breakers . It also was used for domestic difficulties and "Kings of the Road" who needed shelter overnight. We consider the jail unique due to the fact is was built of wood (2"x5" boards laying flat on top of one another) is still standing after all these years. Very few original wood constructed jails ,of this vintage, exist in our country. In 1897 the jail was "deodorized" and renovated. Again in 1999, the jail was given another renovation. A few years ago, we noticed our little jail was sinking into the earth, so the Sugar Grove/Berne Twp. Development Committee has opted to restore the Sugar Grove vintage jail. Therefore it is not open for viewing at this time. We are looking at a September date for public viewing. "Ya all come".

Flight of the Hawk Sculpture Park
Old Logan Road between Tarkiln and Blue Valley Roads

Local metal and stone sculptor, Ric Leichliter, approached the Sugar Grove/Berne Township Development Committee offering to make a sculpture for the community. In a very short time a simple iron "Welcome" sign turned into a complex sculpture of a giant red-tailed hawk.

Located on Old Logan Road, between Tarkiln and Blue Valley Roads, the Red-tailed Hawk soars more than 42 feet high. Weighing more than 2,500 pounds and having a wingspan of 14 feet, the hawk is composed of more than 3,000 torch-cut pieces of steel carefully shaped and welded into place. Once carefully shaped and welded into place. Once completed, the hawk was hot dipped in a galvanzing solution and then painted in the bird's natural colors. A final protective clear coating was added. Funding for the project was provided by many private donations plus a generous grant from the Fairfield County Foundation's Wendel Family Fund.

Judy Robinson's Country Textiles
3350 Chickencoop Hill Road, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 - (740) 746-9602

Country Textile's items are hand woven using authentic 1800's methods. All weavings are freehand designs, therefore none are alike. All are woven in the flavor, colors, and designs of old traditional pieces. All weavings are subject to availability. No admission fee.

Sugar Grove, Little Red Caboose, Welcome Center
Elm Street, Sugar Grove

On October 15, 2003 the Village of Sugar Grove once again has a piece of railroad history come to them. The Sugar Grove/Berne Township Development Committee purchased a 1949 C & O steel caboose No. 90200 to be used aas a Welcome/Visitor Center from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The caboose was pulled up the track from Nelsonville by an engine and then carefully disassembled and reassembled on the stationary tracks by Spires Transfer. The caboose rests on stationary tracks adjacent to the current tracks that run through Sugar Grove. School groups and families have made special appointments to experience the caboose and learn of the ways it was used in heyday. Sugar Grove was once proud of their depot and the trains that ran daily. For many residents the caboose will remind them of their youth.

Misty Valley Farm
4065 Sullivan Road, Sugar Grove, Ohio 43155

Misty Valley Farm is the location of one of the remaining covered bridges of Fairfield County. Shade Bridge was originally built in 1831 and it was moved in 1983 and is currently used as a museum. While on private property it is open to the public free of charge.